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Company profile

Founded in February 2010, Shandong Yipintang Industrial Co., Ltd. is an exclusively foreign-owned enterprise that engages in the Yizhibi Laiyang pear juice drinks and health drinks. Presently we have 20 masters and senior technical staffs out of a total of over 300 staff members as well as four fruit drink production lines and testing devices introduced from Italy, Switzerland, Taiwan, etc. Through continuous development over the years, our Yizhibi Laiyang pear juice drink has remained outstanding in the fruit drink sphere of China. Besides, our company has also obtained the ISO9002 international quality management system certification and the HACCP certification. And our Yizhibi Laiyang pear juice is being rated as the only health food among the fruit drinks by the national Ministry of Health, green drink by the State Environmental Protection Administration, as well as famous-brand product of Shandong, famous trademark of Shandong, and the best-selling brand for food at the National Sugar & Wine Trade Fair. Up to now, our company is thriving in both production and sale and enjoys the good graces of consumers.
In order to boost the bear industry of Laiyang, carry forward the pear culture of Laiyang and prosper the Yizhibi Laiyang pear juice brand, our company has been adhering to the principles of “high starting point of planning, high standard of requirement, taking the lead through high technology and guaranteed high quality” since establishment. To bring about a successful brand image and thus allow the public to have a quick recognition and comprehensive consumption of our Yizhibi series, we have invited Fan Bingbing, a famous movie star in China for endorsement in CCTV and other major media across China. Moreover, we have, on many occasions on end, sponsored the National Sugar & Wine Trade Fair and carried out onsite promotions of various forms. All these efforts enable our Yizhibi brand to enjoy tremendous popularity all over China and win the trust of consumers.
Shandong Yipintang Industrial Co., Ltd.