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Strategic planning

Market analysis
  According to the study of Research Report on China’s Soft Drinks Market, the natural green drinks are enjoying a brisk sale in China, especially in recent years when the consumptions of sodas are showing a sharp decline, whereas fruit drinks and health drinks, characterized by their “being all natural and pollution-free”, have enjoyed great popularity among consumers and are showing an increase rate of 30% annually-the fastest growth in the drink business.
  Presently there are hundreds of fruit drink manufacturers in China, but our company is the only business entity that produces Laiyang pear juice, an exceptionally unique and health product.
  Yizhibi Laiyang pear juice is the only health drink in China’s fruit drink industry. Nowadays when environmental protection and nature are being upheld increasingly, Yizhibi Laiyang pear juice will certainly win the good graces of more consumers and a booming sales market is awaiting us in the coming future.
  Owing to its relation with Laiyang, the term “Laiyang pear” has been registered by the municipal government currently. For this reason, local businesses of Laiyang may use the word, and it is illegal for businesses of other localities to use it. Hence the resource advantage of Laiyang pear is incomparable.
  As Yizhbi Laiyang pear juice enjoys unique and advantageous location and legal protection, it has fewer competitors and less market stress.
Advantages of Yizhibi health drink
  1. The only health food of the fruit drinks industry of China that has been approved by the national Ministry of Health;
  2. The sole sponsor for the National Sugar & Wine Trade Fair and enjoys great influence among all the major dealers;
  3. Make large investments in publicity of our product through all the major media of China and boast great potential in the future;
  4. Invite famous movie star Fan Binging as image speaker to prompt a surge of popularity for our product;
  5. Equipped with modern automatic production line to ensure superior product quality;
  6. Cooperation with professional research institutions to ensure prompt launching of new products;
  7. Our products, made from the Laiyang pears, are capable of clearing heat from throat and internal heat, moistening lung, preventing phlegm from forming and stopping coughing, which cannot be surpassed by other products; 
  8. Apply the aggressive strategy to carry out marketing in an all-round way, which leads to a breakthrough for our market development.
Strategic planning
  I. Product strategy
  As for product development, we plan to implement the strategy of “produce the first generation, trial produce the second generation, research and test the third generation and conceive the fourth generation”. We will duly launch natural concentrated Laiyang pear juice, Laiyang pear birthday gifts and other high-end products.
  II. Marketing strategy
  Based on the principles of “leading by network, success through terminal process, sincere service and immediate effect”, we adopt the aggressive strategy to strengthen the internal and external combination. Following a strong market orientation and a consumer focus, we shall carry out marketing in an all-round way.
  III. Brand strategy
  We shall strengthen brand development of our company by focusing on the advantages of “Yizhibi” and “Laiyang pear”. Relying on the culture of “Laiyang pear” and the celebrity effect, we shall make more investment in advertisement, online publicity and soft news in an effort to raise the popularity of Yizhbi.
  IV. Operation and management strategy
  Following the principles of “intensified management, clarified functions, standardized business, clearly defined responsibilities, effective coordination and efficient operation”, we shall promote our operation and management in an all-round way. Besides, we shall adhere to the principles of high quality, high efficiency, high benefit and striving to become the first class of the world.
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