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A pen to take the exclusive sponsorship of the 93 national sugar and Wine Association, highlighting the king's demeanor.

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  The 93rd National Sugar and Wine Club will be held in Nanjing International Expo Center from October 29 to 31, 2015. It won the exclusive sponsorship of the 93rd National Sugar and Wine Club with a huge sum of money. One of the clubs has sponsored the National Sugar and Wine Club exclusively for many consecutive years. Using the platform of the Sugar and Wine Club, it actively carries out brand promotion and marketing network construction to make one stroke. The exhibition hall is not only a place for commodity trading and brand display, but also an important stage for agents to exchange information, enhance friendship and promote technological progress and product innovation of a series of health drinks, thus increasing the brand influence of a pen.

  It is understood that the outdoor advertising form of this pen will be more diversified, will be fully three-dimensional display in the main venue and sub-venue, and in this exhibition will introduce new product items, bringing more choices to customers. The address of a pen Venue: Pacific A and room 1915, 2 floor, Nanjing Jinling Hotel. The exhibition time is from October 25 to October 27, and the address of the main venue is 5A002T, 5A007T and 5A008T of Nanjing International Expo Center. The exhibition time is from October 29th to 31st.