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The seventy-fourth national drug fair, a bright and bright show, will bring strong wind to health drinks.

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  On December 2, the 74th National Pharmaceutical Fair opened in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. As a prominent brand of the new generation of healthy drinks, it participated in the exhibition (booth No. B1B01) with a strong wind for health drinks.

  The 74th National Drug Trade Fair, which lasted three days, gathered well-known manufacturers in the industry. The exhibition covers all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry chain, including R&D, production, operation and service. The exhibition covers chemical drugs, Chinese patent medicines, biopharmaceuticals, OTC drugs, health products, cosmetics, pharmaceutical related technologies and services. Laiyang Pear Juice Blue Cans Health Drinks received unanimous praise from participants at the 74th National Drug Fair and China Health and Nutrition Expo.