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Li Shenggang, mayor of Laiyang, accompanied Cong Hongxia, director of the Commerce Department of Jilin Province, to our company.

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  On the afternoon of July 7, Cong Hongxia, director of Jilin Provincial Department of Commerce, and his delegation, accompanied by Li Shenggang, mayor of Laiyang City, and Tao Yongwei, vice mayor of Laiyang City, came to the company to investigate and visit a pen industrial park. The first general manager of a company was invited by Kwun Kun.

  Cong Hongxia and his delegation listened to Li Shenggang, Mayor of Laiyang City, about the company's development in Pintang Conference Room. Then Chu Guokun, General Manager of Pintang Company, reported to the leading group the strength and advantages of a series of brands in production and research and development. Zhao Leina, Marketing Manager, explained the marketing of a brand. Planning and brand influence. After the report, Mayor Li Shenggang accompanied Cong Hongxia and his delegation to visit the production workshop and factory area. Visitors highly appraised a world-class brand of fully automatic production equipment and comprehensive process quality control system.

  In the survey, Li Shenggang, mayor of Laiyang City, said that Yipintang has long been committed to the development and promotion of health drinks for Laiyang pear. With the development of the industrial chain of Laiyang pear, enterprises are flourishing. It promotes one side of the economy, creates value for consumers and makes a pen a brand that consumers can trust. He affirmed the company's operation and development. At the same time, Li Shenggang hoped that the company would further expand its industrial chain, continue to develop more new products, and open up a broader space in the international and domestic markets.

  Cong Hongxia, director of Jilin Provincial Department of Commerce, affirmed the nutritional and health care functions of a pen series products. At the same time, she also introduced Jilin's abundant resources of agricultural products. She hoped that a pen brand could combine the advantages of local resources and invest in the industry in Jilin. Jilin Provincial Department of Commerce will take this visit as an opportunity and combine the characteristics of industry. To provide a good investment and development environment for a brand, and to work together to achieve a win-win situation.