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A Laiyang pear juice was awarded "my favorite ten major tourist commodities in Laiyang".

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  In order to welcome the Fifth Laiyang Pear Culture Festival and further expand the popularity and influence of the top ten tourism commodities in Laiyang City, so that friends at home and abroad can not only understand the historical books, humanities and nature of Laiyang, but also understand the local specialties of Laiyang, Laiyang City held a "My Favorite Top Ten Tourism Commodities" selection event in August.

  This selection is one of the series activities of the 5th Laiyang Pear Culture Festival. It is sponsored by Laiyang Tourism Bureau, Laiyang Culture, Radio, Television, Press and Publication Bureau, and hosted by Laiyang Media Network. The competition began in August. All the Chambers of Commerce, enterprises, villages and individuals in Laiyang City can participate in the competition. All the famous local products (fruits, vegetables, eggs, etc.), industrial products (food, shoes and hats, small household appliances), handicraft products and so on can participate in the selection.

  The method of selection is to select 20 excellent products by three ways: clicking on the internet, sending short messages and dialing a phone. Then, through the popularity and influence of the comprehensive products of the expert group, and the classification of products, the ten most favorite tourist commodities in Laiyang are evaluated. The selected famous and excellent specialties will be designated as the products of the Fifth Pear Culture Festival in Laiyang City, and can be used as tourism commodities to publicize and promote foreign tourists to meet the purchase needs of friends at home and abroad.

  This activity lasted for one month, nearly 20,000 people participated in the selection, and finally selected ten tourism commodities, "a pen" Laiyang pear juice once again did not disappoint the public expectations, was selected as "my favorite ten tourism commodities in Laiyang", on September 29, participated in the Laiyang City held "my favorite ten tourism commodities in Laiyang". The award ceremony was selected.