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Laiyang pear juice has become the designated product of the second Laiyang pear Culture Festival.

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  On September 14, the Organizing Committee of the 2nd Laiyang Pear Culture Festival held an appraisal and exhibition meeting on processing products of Laiyang Pear in the Agricultural Bureau to select the designated products of the 2nd Laiyang Pear Culture Festival. A Bi Laiyang pear juice participated in the selection. According to the requirements of the Organizing Committee of the Second Laiyang Pear Culture Festival, the quality control department inspected four batches of products of a Bi Laiyang pear juice. After inspection, the compulsory indicators such as heavy metals, microorganisms and food additives, which are commonly prescribed by the state, were all qualified. Moreover, the company's characteristic indicators conforming to the characteristics of the enterprise's products are also qualified. The quality inspection department has issued a statutory inspection report for the exhibited products. The Organizing Committee of the Second Laiyang Pear Culture Festival agreed to determine a pen of Laiyang Pear Juice as "the designated product of the Second Laiyang Pear Culture Festival".

  Wang Zhaohui, vice mayor of Laiyang, attended the meeting and congratulated the company. Wang Zhaohui hopes that the company will take advantage of the situation to do a good job in brand marketing, speed up the development of high-grade series drinks based on Laiyang pear juice, increase advertising investment and publicity, and cultivate famous brand products. Relevant departments should do a good job in the operation of trademarks and geographical indications products, and strive to improve the quality and popularity of Laiyang pear. According to the requirements of the organizing committee, the company will complete the exhibition work before September 17th.