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A pen to make great articles -- heavy attack and brilliant achievement

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A pen to make great articles -- heavy attack and brilliant achievement

  In 2010, the National Autumn Sugar and Wine Festival was held in Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center from October 8 to 11. Many sugar and wine food enterprises are actively preparing for the festival. For each food enterprise and the newly rising beverage brand, the sugar and wine festival will undoubtedly become a big stage for their development. And there is a beautiful scenery in this sugar and wine party, which is the exhibition hall of "a pen". Shandong Yipingtang Industrial Co., Ltd. once again succeeded in winning the exclusive sponsorship of Jinan National Sugar and Wine Festival in autumn 2010. This is another great work of the company after successfully sponsoring Chengdu Spring Sugar and Wine Festival, Shandong Yipingtang Industrial Co., Ltd. Pintang Industrial Co., Ltd. can be so frequent, first, based on the strong strength of the enterprise, but also reflects the enterprise leaders accurate market judgment and superman's courage.

  Shandong Yipintang Industrial Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition with the theme of "health" and launched a series of new products. It sponsored the event exclusively with huge investment, which shows the company's strong financial strength. "A Pen" exhibition hall is exquisitely designed, magnificent, coupled with the strong strength of the enterprise, attracting many dealers to negotiate cooperation, on-site trading atmosphere is booming.

  Shandong Yipintang Industrial Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise. Since its establishment, the enterprise has been engaged in the production and sale of "one pen" products. Over the past few years, it has continuously strengthened its scale, strengthened its strength, and gradually transformed its product line from the original single to several major products mainly producing health pear juice. Class I, its main product "Yizhi" health pear juice is the only "healthy" health food approved by the Ministry of Health. This product has the function of clearing the throat and moisturizing the throat without fear of fire. The company has worked with the government this year to build a "pen" pear garden base with resources. From base management to integrated brand operation, the company will also intensify its efforts in new product research and development, and employ experienced marketing team to make the "one pen" brand bigger and stronger through the new market operation mode. Through years of forging ahead, Shandong Yipintang Industrial Co., Ltd. has become a representative leading enterprise in the beverage industry. Its performance has been continuously improved, its product line has been upgraded in an all-round way, and its momentum of development has made the same industry stand out.

  Shandong Yipintang Industrial Co., Ltd. will be able to achieve remarkable business results by bringing new products and new concepts to the national sugar and wine party. Through this time, the brand will be stronger and bigger. Although the company is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, Pingtang's enterprise spirit and vitality remain the same as before. It is still a vigorous enterprise ready to meet new challenges. We look forward to Yipingtang not only as a leader in the pear juice industry, but also as a leader in China's fruit juice industry! uuuuuuuuuu