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"One pen" shows success in Chengdu sugar and wine Conference

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"One pen" shows success in Chengdu sugar and wine Conference

  In recent years, Shandong Yipintang Industrial Co., Ltd., which has been solely sponsoring the National Sugar and Wine Club, and "Yizhi Pen" products have appeared again at Chengdu Spring Sugar and Wine Club in 2012. Shandong Yipintang Industrial Co., Ltd. has been recognized by many businessmen for its calm and mature general demeanor, unique "blue hat" logo and excellent product quality, and has achieved fruitful investment results during the exhibition period.

  Yipintang Industrial Co., Ltd. is determined to follow the market economic rules, comply with the market economic needs, uphold the concept of natural, green and healthy products, concentrate on the innovation and development of green beverages, continuously improve product quality, adjust product structure, vigorously develop the "one pen" series of drinks, and strive for the first-class international brand.